March 8, 2022

Planning your Engagement Session

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Remember that these photos are to celebrate your love at a specific, special moment in your life. The most important thing is that you and your partner feel comfortable and have fun. This guide will go over locations, what to wear, what to expect. They are simple guidelines — a starting place.  I am always here and happy to help brainstorm locations or styling options based on the vibe you’re going for.


Where to start

Pick a place that feels true to you and your relationship. The great outdoors naturally give us a lot to explore and work with. At home sessions + neighborhood sessions are especially intimate and super personal (a huge plus if you get good natural light at home). Urban areas can be modern and cool. Make it a vacation and rent a cute airbnb. Whatever you decide — keep in mind that these photos last forever. If there’s a spot that is meaningful to your relationship or a place that you both have been meaning to explore — we should probably start there.


Weekdays are generally better for sessions because it means fewer crowds. Some locations require a photo permit (this is especially common in Los Angeles). 80% of the time, we will shoot right before sunset but there are exceptions.


That’s what I’m here for! I always have a running list of places I’m itching to explore. Tell me what vibe you are going for, what your preferences are in terms of landscape, what are your favorite types of experiences, and I’ll brainstorm a few suggestions.


Comfort is key

I can’t stress comfort enough because we’re gonna walk, run, sit, maybe even dance. Because of this, it’s also important to wear clothes that make you feel your BEST and flatter your body type. I would avoid super tight or short clothing because it can dramatically limit your movement.

It’s also important to wear clothes that make sense for the setting. On the beach? You’re probably not going to wear shoes. Going on a hike? You don’t want heels and you definitely want shoes with traction

Stick to neutral tones

Neutrals are greys, whites, and blues — they are also earthy or jeweled tones like mustard, dark green, navy, etc. Your outfits don’t need to match, they should complement one another. Different textures (ex. wool, lace, ribbed shirt, etc.) add a lot.

Avoid wearing too many different patterns. Solid colors are usually the safest, but stay true to your style.



I want you to think as if your engagement session is a fun date and I'm a third wheel =). I love capturing candid, intimate and in-between moments. If you don't know how to pose , don't worry, I got you! it's my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will give you prompts and fun role plays to get you into that position or shot. I will also get some formal shots of both you look at the camera, but let's keep it casual and have fun exploring trying new things. The key is to have fun. If it takes a little of liquid courage, or a little music to get loose, let's do it!

I’m here as a director to guide you through the experience — it will be fun and easy-going. Sometimes I’ll play music. Sometimes I’ll give prompts and be a hype-man. Often times, I’ll take a step back and just quietly capture what’s going on. Many times, we’ll spend the last 10 minutes of the session experimenting, getting weird, making art.

I’m going to give you my all during this shoot, and I need you to meet me halfway. Be silly. Be intimate. Make your partner laugh. Run into the water. Don’t worry about your hair. Flirt. If it rains, embrace it. Be open and I’ll do the rest.