Jason + Kathy // Engagement session in Arizona

When I asked Jason and Kathy if they had a location in mind for their engagement session, they told me Antelope Canyons.  I was beyond excited!!!  Kathy had a great idea to stop by vegas before the photoshoot.  We went out to downtown LV to meet up with her cousins and had an epic night, ending with the best oxtail soup ever!.  Not going to lie, I had a few too many drinks but Jason was the real MVP who drove the whole trip.  

Thank you Antelope Canyon Tours for accommodating us! It was such a surreal experience to share it with the couple.  Although it looked like we were alone in the photos, don't let it fool you, there where hundreds of people anxiously waiting for their photo opportunity. We headed over to Horseshoe bend after, where hundreds of more people awaited us haha.

This trip was more than just a photoshoot, we got to know each other and shared an amazing experience together. Countdown to your wedding in Kauai!